I am sure I have spoken about this PLENTY of times before but here is the OFFICIAL Froyo recipe page. What’s Froyo? Frozen yoghurt … and boy is it delish! Especially this home made version. Frozen yoghurt might sound like the healthier option to ice cream or soft serves but beware some varieties are laden with sugar and nasties. There is a reason it tastes to sweet… SUGAR!!! And then comes the toppings. Novelty excitement and self serve so everyone seems to go a tad over the top right? Next thing you know you aren’t only paying big dollars for this dessert but big calories too! Try this healthy wholesome recipe with only 4 ingredients… none of which are called sugar!

froyo 3

H O M E M A D E   C H O C   P E A N U T   B U T T E R    F R O Y O

Serves 1  –  1.5 hours  –   GF SF DF* P*

1 banana

1 heaped Tbs peanut butter

1 tsp cacao powder

3  Tbs plain greek yoghurt (coconut yoghurt for dairy free and paleo options)

Toppings; See below  

froyo 5


In a bowl mash banana with a fork and add peanut butter. Whip (and I mean WHIP) until combined. Add the yoghurt and cacao powder and whip some more until thick and creamy.

froyo 4

Place in freezer for 1.5 hours – stirring and mashing after each 30 minute block. Notice it will slowly freeze and turn into a thick ice cream consistency. Be patient!

When ready (or you have exhausted your will power and patience) take out of the freezer and get creative with some sugar free toppings. A few of my favourite include;

– Cacao nibs

– Sliced frozen banana

– Coconut chips

– 2 crushed (or nibbled) homemade biscuits/cookies >> RECIPE HERE

– Blueberries  or goji berries

– Dark chocolate shavings

– Nuts and seeds

– Peanut butter lashings



Now get creative and make it your own! There is more than enough options above to tickle your taste buds!

** To make this treat dairy free and paleo friendly simply use coconut yoghurt rather than greek. It will however adjust the taste.


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