Nuts are an essential part of an everyday healthy diet. They are popular substitutes for many things in the raw, vegan and paleo diets and lifestyles such as almond flour, macadamia milk and cashew cheese … the options are endless. I guarantee you will struggle to find a wholesome healthy recipe that doesn’t include some nuts in the ingredient list and for good reason. Nuts are tasty, loaded with good fat, protein, fiber, nutrients and phytochemicals that are heart healthy and good for the waistline. Barring allergies, there aren’t many reasons not to include nuts in your diet.

Personally I am a peanut and almond gal. Peanut butter all day long and love a handful of almonds. But there are so many nuts out there each with their own benefit to your health and beauty inside and out. BUT like all good things they should be eaten in moderation. Ever heard the line – “30gms of nuts” – as your daily limit. That is great if you pre package all of your nuts into 30 gm portions (sorry but who has time for this?) or carry a little food scales in your hand bag (I already get enough weird looks for my million containers and healthy foods thanks).

Fun Fact: People who eat nuts generally weigh less than those who don’t.


So you ask – what does 30 gms of nuts look like ? Can’t they just say 30 nuts. The answer to this is NO! Because all nuts have a different weight and daily intake recommendation and this also depends on how active you are too. So I ask again what does 30gms of nuts look like and what are the daily recommendations in nuts please not grams?


Daily recommendation of 30 gms of nuts is equal to…

24 almonds

2 Tablespoons of Peanut butter

9 brazil nuts

22 cashews

21 pecan halves

157 pine nuts

49 pistachios

13 walnuts

22 hazelnuts


If you are not a nut addict and are wanting to add more nuts to your diet. Here are 7 ways you can do just that.

  1. Make a granola to have for breakfast or on yoghurt for morning tea/dessert. > Granola Recipe HERE
  2. Enjoy them as a mid-day snack to help curb your appetite. > snack ideas HEREvanilla nut raw balls
  3. Sprinkle them on stirfry’s, salads, soups and casseroles. Nasi Goreng recipe HERE
  4. Enjoy the extra crunch on your porridge > RECIPE HERE or avo toast > RECIPE HERE nourishing-muesli
  5. Make them the base of a personalized trail mix – add seeds, raisins and other dried fruit
  6. Try nut butters like almond and cashew as an alternative to peanut butterpb banana bread
  7. Try nut oils to add to dressings or cook with such as; walnut, almond or peanut oil

Don’t forgot to eat your nuts – just don’t get too nuts about it!

“everything in moderation”


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