If you don’t love what you do everyday then change it. Life is too short to be unhappy and stuck in a routine that you don’t enjoy. Some people thrive on routine and others like the live in the moment and take each day at a time. Both of these ways of living are completely fine… As long as you are happy with what you are doing and the direction your are heading!

After reading a gorgeous article by Raylene Samuels about life and making the change for happiness it inspired me to think about the following…

1. Are you happy ?
2. Do you love what you do?
3. Are you excited for Monday morning?
4. Are you heading in the right direction?
5. Can you change it?

She says “Regardless of which stage in your life you are right now, it is never too late to pursue and live your dream, it is never too late to make a difference –whether it is in your own life, or others’ lives.”

It may be hard, but embrace the struggles knowing that with time, patience, and consistent persistence, you will eventually reap the rewards!

“The key to happiness is to have dreams. The key to success is to make them come true” – James Allen


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