Now as a lover of fruit mince pies and a lover of healthy sugar free baking I’m always torn at Christmas as to how many mince pies to scoff (and then feel miserable) and how many to avoid (but feel miserable about anyway). I have the perfect solution so you CAN make sugar free mince pies AND eat them too.

These little babies are glutenfree, sugarfree and vegan so they tick all the foodies boxes. They are a tad fiddly but will be worth it I promise.

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Makes 8-10


Oat flour bases 

2 cups oat flour 

4 Tbs olive oil 

6 Tbs water 

sea salt 


2 apples 

juice of 1 lemon 

1 cup sultanas 

1/2 cup dates chopped 

1 mandarin or orange 

cinnamon nutmeg, and ginger ground 

2 Tbs coconut oil 

2 Tbs maple syrup 


Chop apples finely. Place in saucepan with chopped dates, sultanas and chopped mandarin. Add a decent splash of water, lemon juice, spices, syrup and coconut oil. Simmer for 30 minutes adding more water as you go.

Meanwhile mix the oat crust ingredients together. Form dough and fridge for 10 minutes. Roll out flat to about 1/2 cm thick using a rolling pin or wine bottle edge. Cut round pieces using the rim of a glass. Place in patty pans or muffin tins and bake for 12 minutes. With the left over dough roll out again and cut either stars or circles for the lids. Leave to the side.

Once fruit as finished simmering and slightly cooled. Place tsps of the mixture into the oat bases. Place a star on each for the lid and bake for a further 21 minutes.

That’s all!! Let them cool and they are good to go !! MERRY CHRISTMAS


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