Zoats aka Zucchini Oats have been around a while in the health and fitness industry and although they aren’t the maddest craze at the moment they certainly are for me ! 

For those of you who are a volume eater and tend to overeat until they are stuffed full this could be just the solution for you. Or if you are a ‘hidden vege’ kind of gal this is also a great idea. I am both. You can’t taste the zucchini but it adds nutritional value and bulk volume minus the calories.

IMG_1718 (1)

The recipe is simple and you can add what ever you like. Lots of people mix the protein scoop into the oats after cooking but I am currently obsessed with my homemade chocolate protein pro yo. I also find the probiotics and live cultures in the yogurt help my stomach digest it.


Serves 1 – 5 minutes – GF SF

1/2 cup rolled quick oats

1/2 zucchini grated

1 cup milk or water

TOPPINGS (choc pb pro-yo is my current fave)

1/2 cup greek yoghurt

1 scoop Neat Nutrition chocolate protein powder

1 Tbs peanut butter

berries and cinnamon


Grate the 1/2 zucchini and place in a bowl with the oats. Add the liquid, stir it all around to reduce oat clumps and microwave for 2-3 minutes. Stir and whack it back in for another 60 seconds.

Meanwhile mix the protein, peanut butter and greek yoghurt together into a thick pro yo consistency.

Take oats out of the microwave. Top with pro yo, cinnamon and some berries or what ever you like. Chia seeds and nuts are also a great addition. You can also take the PB out of the pro yo and just drizzle it over. Your call!!

There are so many ways to do it but this is just how I like it. Be creative!!


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