MONDAYITIS; Let’s do this together !

Do you all love your work and routine so much that you jump out of bed on a Monday without an alarm at 5.32am, feeling like you have slept for 12 hours and are ready to take on the world without caffeine? ummm…..NO? Exactly. Don’t lie. Here are some ways to make your Monday more cheerful! 

(disclaimer; Mondayitis is NOT a bad thing. It doesn’t make you a shit person just because you would rather be on an island drinking iced coffee rather than working your 9-5) 

My Mondayitis is a lot different now to what it was 3 years ago in an office job, but love it or not I still get a case of the Mondayitis. For me Monday is one of my earliest starts to the week. As a Pilates instructor my class starts at the crack of dawn, I deal with very tired, half asleep people who rely on my every little ounce of my energy to get them going. Coffee helps!

My Monday morning started promising at 5.30am as I began making a green chia smoothie (simply 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop Vanilla whey, 1/2 cup oats, 1+ cups almond/coconut milk and 1Tbs chia seeds) AND then the blender wasn’t screwed on properly, base fell out and leaked everywhere. Eye roll. I licked it up off the bench, put the rest in my shaker and hit the road.

Missed the bus so I walked to the tube, managed to get on the most crowded tube at that hour of the morning, (believe it or not sometimes I can’t get a seat on the 6.08am tube). Get off at Moorgate, it’s raining, my shoes are wet, I’ve got my period so my lower back starts to kill and I race down the road to the studio.

Classes over (they were bloody fabulous and all of a sudden my worries were no longer), got the diary out to plan the week ahead, and then the Mondayitis kicks in. Busy week, long days, multiple evening events, things to catch up on…. and my coffee is now empty! I love what I do but sometimes we all need that little Monday pick me up!

So lets kick that Mondayitis in the butt by making these 6 simple promises to ourselves everyday this week.

1. I will…. set time aside for the most important person in my life… ME!! hello cuppa, couch and a magazine or even a workout or yoga class. Something for ME

2. I will … get some fresh air every day either by eating my lunch outside (obvs not happening in London this week) or taking a quick walk to the coffee shop

3. I will… always try and see the fun and not take things too seriously. Give high fives, smile loads, laugh at your own jokes

4. I will… accept my strengths as well as my flaws

5. I will… keep in mind that I cannot control everything but instead control my way of thinking

6. I will… appreciate the simple things in life like a nice view, a pretty flower or a delicious treat


On that note HAPPY MONDAYITIS – I need another coffee …


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