This old-school cool country is just beautiful. If you like architecture, history, music and old cars then Havana is the place for you. It is like you are stuck in a time warp in the 1950’s as you walk the streets of Havana Old Town. Without wifi it is the perfect simple place to be present ! 



Car Cruises; The best way to get around Havana Old town is to walk. But if you want to see a little more of the city get a tour by car. We did it 3 of the 4 days we were there and the car rides were the highlight.

Here are two drivers I recommend;

  • Yoyo; (+53) 52503275
  • Abel; (+53) 77937687

The places we went on our car tours were;

  • Havana forrest
  • Havana New town
  • The Malecon
  • The fort across the water
  • John Lennon park
  • Casa Fuster; There are several blocks in Jaimanitas, a neighborhood in northwest Havana, where the homes and the gates that surround them are covered entirely by mosaic tile.
  • Hemingway House
  • Revolution Square

Plaza Vieja; Gorgeous plaza full of restaurants and coffee shops and things to see. We also got coconut ice cream served in a coconut.

Camera Obscure; This camera is located at the top of the 8 story tower in the Plaza Veijo and was invented by Da Vinci. You get an awesome birds eye view over the whole city for only $2 CUP.

Santa Maria Beach; It rained so we didn’t get to experience the beach but only 45 minutes out of Havana this place is a go to.

Museum of Revolution / Museo De Revolution; If you are interested in the history of the revolution this museum is wonderful. Awesome building too.



Jamon Queso Sandwich (ham and cheese); this is the token Cuban sandwich and they are everywhere. Some have pork and ham but regardless they are all great. 


Chacon 168; This place was great. Good portions and passionate waitresses wanted you to experience true cuban food. The cocktails are strong and the prices are great too.


Del Frente/O’Reillys 304; Awesome roof top bar and restaurant. We went twice. Has the same menu as O’Reillys across the road so if you can’t get into one go to the other. 

El Dandy; Cute corner bar which was too busy for us to visit but would highly recommend. It is quite deep into the old town surrounded by plenty of local streets and has a good vibe.  

Venami Pizza; recommended pizza and pasta place however if you are in Havana you probably want to eat Cuban food. If you are craving good Italian than this place is good. 

La Bodeguita del Medio; famously known hotel / bar which claims to being the birthplace of the mojito cocktail. We didn’t visit it however there was a line outside and apparently Obama visited there too. 

La Familia; DO NOT GO TO THIS RESTAURANT! It is a total tourist scam and we unfortunately fell into the trap. The prices are insanely expensive and the food isn’t that great. Some locals on the street will get you to go here and make you get the Lobster… I’ve read loads of reviews that say the same thing. Don’t risk it. Avoid! 



Hotel; These 2 boutique hotels are wonderful and Kevin is an American dude who runs it and he is great.

Kiat Art Hotel >> link here

Revolution Boutique Hotel (architectural gem) >> link here 


Liber and Lizzie’s apartment overlooking the museum of revolution. 4 people  link >> here. 


ENJOY CUBA !! Grab a mojito, do a salsa lesson and enjoy the music and views.



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