Paris; K + K fit and healthy guide to

48 hours in Paris to indulge in all things chocolate, romance and baguettes … and that’s exactly what I did. I have been to Paris three times now for little weekend getaways (bonus of the Eurostar from London) The first time was more about the sights and pastries, thanks so my sugar queen friend Miss Trixie – Check out her Website >> here. I literally had a sugar come down the next day as it filtered out of my body. 

Number one thing to do would be go to a little delicatessen and grab yourselves an array of meats, cheese, bread and olives and have a picnic on the grass under the Eiffle Tower.



We tried to go to this place which was raved about but there was a line out the door and a 2 hour wait. We decided to walk down the street and stumbled across this gorgeously cute brunch place with super fast service and delish food. We shared the frittata with potato chips, granola bowl with yoghurt and the spinach feta salmon muffin with a side of baguette of course. What a brunch. It was perfect and didn’t break the bank.



This is the little sister cafe to the famous Hareware Society in Melbourne, Australia. The lovely owners decided to move to Paris and open up their french version and brought the same chef with them from the Aussie cafe so the food is just the perfect combination of a Melbs brunch with a french twist. I had the Salmon Millefeuille (meaning a thousand layers) poached eggs, salmon filet with a touch of puff pastry and cavier, not to mention the best soy flat white on the side.



La Buvette – Located just near the in the 9th ara this place was just fab for our first night. We wanted something local, cosy and cute to indulge in all things cheese and wine. We shared a local bottle of red and a cheese plate with fresh baguette and a Croc Monsieur – how french. La Buvette is the french sister of a New York French Bar in NYC called Buvette. Definitely add this one to your list.



Stop and go no further than Laduree for the best macaroons in the world. This shop is just beautiful. We went to almost all of the famous bakeries and patisseries in Paris and my oh my were they heavenly. This one was by far the prettiest with a huge selection of pastries and macaroons which were just so delicately handmade…with amore !!




You can’t go to Paris and not have nutella crepes. The best spot is this little old and grumpy crepe man in a tiny little van outside the Luxembourg gardens just above the subway exit in a little green food van/hut. This is Paris street food to the max. They make over 50 different sweet and savoury crepe combinations. We had the spinach and cheese one and of course Nutella and banana. Holy Crepe.


Now that I type this I am pretty sure it is Italian and not french but hey, we were travelling and my favourite thing to do whilst traveling is eat gelato. This place did not disappoint with its clever rose design. Amore gelataria is a chain so there is quiet a few of them around. Find one on a hot day, get the rose gelato and take a snap on a Parisian street.



We were staying near Montemarte and this little local bakery was just to die for. However I would pretty much recommend ANY bakery or boulangerie in Paris. The more local the better. Oh and the warmer the baguette the better.



Shakespeare and Co Cafe – Of course like all Australia’s we travel across the world, try and find a ‘Melbourne coffee’ and they complain about the digraceful coffee that isn’t up to our standards… you’ve done it don’t lie. Anyway this place sells….MELBOURNE style coffee, kombucha, vegan chia puddings, muffins and all the mylk alternatives. Plus its opposite the Notre Dame so you’ll get a nice view too. Listen out for the Aussie accents.

So that is french from the eyes of a foodie. Sure there is plenty of touristy things to do and see so here is a little hit list;

– the Champs Elysee

– Eiffle Tower

– River Seine

– The Lourve

– Sacre coeur

– Luxembourg Palace Gardens

– Notre Dame… and the list goes on.



One thought on “Paris; K + K fit and healthy guide to

  1. Hi Katie
    Your travels from London as well as your life in London sounds amazing. I have been reading your blog for a while now.
    I am also from Australia and thinking of moving to London with my boyfriend. Will you do a post on how you made the move to London, what it was like (any tips) and some of the best and worst things about moving to the other side of the world/ London?

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