I am going to throw it out there, I am the queen of packing. I mean, sure I end up with 12 tops and no bottoms, but when it comes to packing light – I’m your gal! If you’re a heavy packer, here are some tips for packing for the cheeky weekender…

  1. Try it on first; That way when you have limited space you know exactly which outfit matches and you won’t bring anything that is pointless and also won’t spend hours trying on your suitcase for the perfect outfit on holiday.
  2. Go Neutral; Pack some nude/black colour heels or clutches because they go with everything. Again with white sneakers, they will match your active wear and your denim shorts or summer dress.
  3. Classic white Tee or shirt; Pack yourself a classic white Tee or shirt which you can dress up or down and team with anything. A denim jacket is also the perfect travel essential. Be smart with your items.
  4. Less is more; I’m no fashionista but honestly pack less. You don’t need 7 dresses. Count the days and count the outfits. Most likely you will wear things twice so 7 days pack 5 outfits etc.
  5. Roll them up; this probably isn’t news but when I roll my clothes I can fit a lot more in and it generally takes the awkward fold lines out of the clothes too.
  6. Wear the chunky layers on the plane. I always wear a tee, jumper and then denim jacket on the plane and my chunkiest shoes.
  7. Pack your shoes and chunky items like jeans etc in the bottom of your bag first. Then you can stuff the socks and undies around in the gaps to maximize space.
  8. Pack some resistance bands; want to train on your holiday? You can do some killer booty shaping moves with minimal equipment using a resistance band. They take up no space and can be used for so many different exercises. I’ll post another blog on this soon.
  9. Carry on Bag essentials; Eye drops, lip balm, head phones, pen, note book/diary and chewy or mints.
  10. Pre flight prep; apply a really good moisturiser, avoid make up, tie your hair up or in a plait to avoid touching it and it getting greasy or walking off the plane looking like Einstein, have your eye drops and lip balm handy for mid flight application to keep hydrated and of course drink LOADS of water pre and during the flight.

Katie x


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