When it comes to snacking most people are lazy and will grab the most convenient thing. Unfortunately the easiest option is not always the healthiest. BUT with so many healthy and funky snacks you can DIY and take with you these days there really is no excuse. There are my top 15 high protein non the go snacks. Why high protein? because it will keep me full for longer until lunch or dinner and avoid any unnecessary sugar spikes. I always choose whole foods in their whole state.


1. Celery/carrot sticks and hummus; probably the biggest reason I could never be actual Paleo.. hummus! Oh and peanut butter. Seriously why are these foods NOT paleo? anyway I eat hummus daily! It is a GREAT snack and you can use a huge range of different veggie sticks. Hummus is high in protein too so it will keep you full until lunch or dinner. I also love to add a blog of hummus onto my salads and veggies at lunch.


2. Boiled eggs; I love boiling up a huge batch of eggs at the start of the week. They are great for sandwiches, wraps, snacks or toast toppers. Boiled eggs are also very easy to transport!

egg avo cracker

3. Nuts and seeds; these are a handbag staple! get amongst it!


4. Apple and peanut butter; no description needed! Just grab an apple and a tub (ok maybe portion out your 2 Tbs first) and off you go! Drip, spread, layer… just do it!


5. Fruit and cottage cheese; apple, pear, banana, berries…. all of these fruits are so delicious when paired with some cottage cheese. If you have a sweet tooth mix some honey and cinnamon into your cottage cheese and a healthy dip you have. Even peanut butter is delish with cottage cheese… I promise! Alternatively you could also use yoghurt!


6. Protein bliss balls; My freezer is always stocked with protein balls because I have an addicted! They are so delicious, convenient, nutritious and fun to eat. My favourite is my Salted Caramel protein balls >> recipe HERE or my Spirulina choc mint protein balls >> recipe HERE.

vanilla nut raw balls

7. Protein bars; You can make your own (there are so many healthy home made recipes out there) or you can buy your own. Just make sure you are buying quality protein bars. I love Quest bars… (love is an understatement), Slim Secrets and Aussie bodies. These are all great healthy options and easily available at the supermarket, health food stores and supplement stores. Even airports and road side petrol stations these days are stocking the goods. No excuse to reach for that Kit Kat.

protein bar

8. Beef jerky; beef jerky is a great ‘road trip’ snack but before you reach for the petrol station kind think again. These types are often highly processed and full of ‘fillers’ which lets be honest don’t resemble pure beef. They are also loaded with sugar and salt. Libby from Agoda and Bottoms Up Fitness Bondi has just released her latest product … The Chief Bar! Natures protein bar in the form of either lamb or beef with currents, cranberries, and almonds. Minimal salt and sugar these are THE perfect healthy road trip snack. Stock up >> HERE.


9. Soaked oats; There is no denying my love for soaked oats and they are so simple to make and transport. If you make them dairy free you also don’t need to keep them refrigerated which is an added bonus. Simply get a jar (or multiple) and place 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1 Tbs chia seeds, cinnamon and honey/maple/stevia into each jar. You can also add a scoop of vanilla whey protein. Then add about 1 cup of milk (soy, almond, rice or dairy) and shake until well combined. Place in the fridge overnight and let the pats and chia soak up the liquid until they are soggy and fluffy. Perfect breakfast on the go. Just open the jar and top with yoghurt and berries and voila!

layered banana oats

10. Banana and peanut butter on toast (or even on banana bread); obviously the ‘toast’ part of this snack isn’t easy on the go but banana and peanut butter go before with or without the toast. You could simply slice the banana in half (lengthways) and smear 2 Tbs peanut butter on it and sandwich it back together.


11. Smoothie; these are also great to grab and go and can be made the night before too. Simply blend 1 banana, 1/2 cup berries, 1 Tbs chia seeds, 1 Tbs almond or peanut butter (or just chuck some nuts in), 2 Tbs oats, 1 cup milk and some spinach and you are good to go.  This smoothie has your fats, carbs and protein covered. Oh and fruit and vege! Check out some more smoothie recipes >> HERE.


12. Banana and date muffins; muffins are great for storing in the freezer and grabbing on the way out. Even better take a few frozen muffins with you and they will be nice and fresh and thawed ready to eat by mid day when the munchies hit. Recipe >> HERE.

photo 5

13. Cheese and grapes; This healthy and easy snack is o-so portable and will feel like you are siting in Greece or Italy nibbling at a cheese platter…. sort of! A big bunch of grapes and some cubes or slices of cheddar cheese are the perfect combination. The protein and fat in the cheese will slow the release of sugar into your blood stream from the grapes and reduce an insulin spike. If you have time apple slices with pan fried haloumi and some sea salt…. ERRRMAGERRDD!!! Thanks Sarah Wilson for that recipe >> HERE.

haloumi salted caramel

14. Chia puddings; another perfecto high protein easily portable make the night before kind of snack. Just mix 1/4 cup of chia seeds with 1 cup coconut milk and place in a jar or container and refrigerate. Top with yoghurt, berries, nuts, more seeds….anything. A fellow fit foodie Kieran has some INSANE chia pudding flavours on her blog. Banana and peanut butter chia pudding anyone?? Check them out >> HERE.



15. Dates stuffed with peanut butter and almonds; Another great high protein, high fiber sweet fix that will keep you going for hours and boost your metabolism. It is so simple and can be done anywhere. You just need a handful of medjool dates, take the pip out, fill it with some peanut or almond butter and some crunchy nuts or coconut flakes! Divine!!!!




Eat well! Be well! Remember to aim for protein, fat and carbs at every meal / snack!!! Take care of your body!



Plenty more snack ideas and recipes on the blog >> HERE



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