When it comes to active wear there are PLENTY of options out there ranging from cheap and basic to outrageously priced designer wear (but aren’t they just oh so beautiful?) Whether they promise to suck your belly in, thin your legs or lift that butt a few centimeters – there are more important things to look for. Like what? Good question.

 Here are the hottest tips and signs for sussing out the best active wear and the reason why I choose Aussie Brand Jaggad as a top fave;
Hitching those tights up like it’s Saturday night in your black skinnies every step of the jog is probably one of the most annoying things. Haha I actually sounded like I was a runner just then. As a non-runner what I meant to say was “I can imagine it would be annoying”. It’s all good and well if that tight size lifts your butt and holds your thighs in but what happens if after one wear they lose shape?… Chances are so does that free butt lift! This is one of the reasons JAGGAD is my go to. It doesn’t matter whether you wear them everyday (and I do) and wash them loads (mind the pun) they still hold their shape and haven’t sagged an inch. Can’t say the same for my butt or maybe it’s the fact that they hold their shape so well I feel like they get tighter every time I try them on? As for the sag factor? Let’s be honest no one wants to look like a kid on the beach with bathers full of sand. You know what I mean. The Jaggad team pride themselves on the use of high quality fabrics they wont stretch or lose shape with wear. So when purchasing tights, make sure they are manufactured with high quality materials so they don’t lose their shape and sag over time.
Okay so this is a biggie when it comes to tights and activewear. Not only do you want to make sure that you can’t see your lady parts whilst walking casually but even more when squatting low in that pump class. We have all been there and unfortunately when you are told to keep your eyes on the floor about 1.5 meters in front of you… It means stare at the chicks ass in front. It is the safest angle for our neck and spine after all. It is just the norm now to accidentally gaze too close at someone’s g string or notice that it must be washing day because hey only have the grannie pairs left. Jaggad’s triple layer fabrics are designed to never be see through. Not now, not in the squat, not in a few months time. They are one of the only brands who have a written guarantee. “…we can also guarantee these leggings will never be see-through!”http://www.jaggad.com My tip? Do the bend over squat test in the mirror before you purchase. If you can see skin or the cute pattern on your panties, leave them in the store.
There are tights and there are compression tights. One is actually good for your muscles and the other just there to look fab. This is important when selecting your tights as this should also determine the pricing. All of the JAGGAD range have compression qualities. Some more than others and these ones are clearly advertised as their ‘compression’ tights. How do you know if the tights have compression quality? (And no just because they are uncomfortably thigh sucking tight doesn’t give them ‘compression’ qualities.) Well chances are they will say it in their product title because this would set them above the rest. If there is no mention of the word compression – keep searching if this is what you are looking for.
I get looks EVERY TIME I wear my Jaggad marble tights and for good reason. They are HOT as! I love the subtle JAGGAD writing around the left ankle as a little trademark and acknowledgment to the brand. Chose darker colours as they are more flattering and the smaller the pattern the better they look as a general rule. Avoid horizontal stripes if you want your legs to appear long and thin and for an added bonus – match them to your new kicks. As for the Jaggad range… marble, sky and ocean patterns? Now we are talking!
Unless they are Louis Vuitton or an international designer you should generally get what you paid for. And this is right on point with the Jaggad Range. Some brands I believe that you pay for the label and they lack some quality but hey you can say “yeah but they are…” and that might be enough for you to open the wallet and break the bank. I like to know I am splurging on something that is going to last me the time and do my body some good. Jaggad tights are Aussie made and pride themselves on their individual high quality. Their clothes are based around 8 principles; Useful, Beautiful, Honest, Simple, Durable, Detailed, Appropriate and Innovative. These are the 8 reasons why they are worth every penny. Do your research on the company before you buy so you know exactly what they stand for. It is too easy to mass produce poor quality clothing and whack a label and hefty price tag on it these days. Beware (or just chose Jaggad!)
So if you are in the market for a new pair of threads head to www.runstopshop.com.au or
www.jaggad.com.au and invest in some good quality Australian made compression tights and join the #teamjaggad
Their new summer range in Australia has just come out and are more awesome than ever. P.s Dear santa… :)
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