Sunday again? The weeks are SERIOUSLY flying past. Nothing like getting to Monday morning after a hugely busy weekend with nothing organised or planned, not to mention any time to just tune out and relax. You only have yourself to thank for the uncomfortable or baggy underwear you will be wearing Monday because you skipped washing day, or the over priced lunch you had to buy because you didn’t have time to do the grocery shop and all you had in the house was peanut butter and tuna tins. We have all been there.

A weekend escape can be one of the best things for us. Although arriving home late Sunday night can completely throw our week off and make us feel like we need another holiday escape. So this Sunday try to stay home, get organised, be productive and spend some time with the most important person in your life… YOU!!! SO JUST TUNE OUT!!

My three favourite things to do whilst ‘tuning out’ on a Sunday are:

1. Make a cuppa

2. Read a book or mag

3. Do some baking (peanut butter salted caramel slice recipe HERE)

What ever you chose to do – make sure if doesn’t involve the TV, internet, phone or laptop. Turn the electricals off. Except the kettle.

“A Sunday well spent – makes for a week of content”


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