We only had 24 hours in this city but wowee did we love it. It just got better and better as the day went on – Budapest has a bit for everyone, amazing views and streets and great food, plus it’s cheap cheap! 
It is the perfect city to go when you want a cheap holiday or don’t have much time. We saw almost everything we wanted to see in the 24 hours and loved every bit. Here is the best of what we did.


Frici Papa – local food, local prices and lots of locals. This place was great, you might have to queue but it won’t take long and the food is straight from a Hungarian grandmas kitchen. Authentic and delish.


kazimir – book ahead if you can as this place was almost fully booked when we got there. Amazing local food. Not as saucy or heavy as Frici Papa. We had the Hungarian sausage, Hungarian Porkolt with homemade noodle (pasta) and lots of pickles, mash potato and veggies on the side.


Stand25 bistro – amazing Michelin pop up in the Hold Street Food market. You’ll have to put your name down and come back in 45 mins ish but it was absolutely fab. You can chose 2 or 3 courses and then pick the meals from there. Very simple menu only 3 options per course and everything is cooked to perfection.
We have the layered potato bake which I heard was a favourite, and the liver pate, roasted cauliflower and meat loaf. The highlight was the Aperol spritz with freeze dried oranges and the maple whipped butter and fresh sourdough.

Koleves – we were unlucky and didn’t get a reservation at this place so missed out. Go for me and see what the fuss is about! I’ve heard amazing things! Great local food with an awesome roof terrace / garden above.

360 bar – for sunset this is the place to be. Insane views over the city, you can really appreciate what the city has to offer. Grab an Aperol spritz or two and watch the sunset behind the Buda Castle. Gorgeous!

Szimpla – really funky industrial ruin style bar. Worth a look just for the interior.

Vegan garden – if you’re vegan … you know where to go!

What you’ll be eating; 

Goulash (gulyas) traditional stew / soup

Fishermans soup (halaszle) 

Deep fried flat bread from markets (Langos) 

Meat Stew with homemade pasta/dumplings (Porkolt with Nokedli) Porkolt means roasted so it can be any type of meat. 

Sweet tooth? Find a Palatschinke on the menu. It’s a crepe with cottage cheese and jam! Or if you’re really keen a Somloi galuska – it’s a Hungarian sponge cake cross trifle usually quiet heavy and containing alcohol. 


Ride the No 2 tram from the Parliament building (stunning building) down to Petofi bridge to get a great sightseeing view of the Buda side and Danube river.

Walk up to the Buda Castle for amazing views back over the city.

The Szechenyi Thermal Baths – try not to think about why the water is so warm (elderly incontinence) or the dead skin floating around … this place has to be seen and experienced. There are so many indoor and outdoor thermal baths it’s crazy. Go early and book online to skip all the lines. Take your own flip flops and towels and shampoo conditioner if you want to wash your hair after. The sauna is really cool too. Lots of locals were jumping in and out of the baths and sauna.

Walk down Andrassy Avenue – cool main street with lots of shops and restaurants. Great to stroll down and people watch. Will lead you from the Baths right to the river.

Anyway – just walk around and look UP! It’s a bloody cool city and the food and drink vibe is awesome. Enjoy getting lost wandering the streets and stumbling across cool places and sights.



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