Friday night, just got home from the gym (I know I am amazing right?) and hunger strikes. Grab the ingredients on the way home and make this really weird hybrid version of a fried rice/paella. This took me 7 minutes and made enough for 4 serves. Cheap, easy and so good! Dinner sorted 

Serves 4 – GF DF SF

1 punnet mushies 
1 punnet Cherry Toms 
1 packet cooked chicken breast (180gms) 
1 packet cooked prawns (150gms) 
Bok choy brunch (I know it’s asian but just roll me with promise)
Broccoli whole 
Spring onion 
Garlic minced 
Chilli flakes 
Salt and pepper 
Tin of chopped tomatoes (I know Italian… again roll with me) 
2 packets of instant brown rice (250gms each) 

Alright here we go. Heat pan with coconut oil.

Throw in mushies diced. Add chopped spring onion. Add cherry tomatoes cut in half. Add the bok choy and broccoli finely cut.

Mix around. Add all the spices and herbs. Microwave cook the rice for 2 mins. Add the rice, add the chicken and prawns, stir in tin tomatoes, reduce heat and stir it through. Stop the clock BOOM! Paella mate

Tag me on Instagram @katierobynmorgan and let me know how it goes!


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