Oky doky artichokies, let’s talk money. As someone living in London and also wanting to have an endless supply of money to travel the world, I have had to implement a few small rules into my life in order to save some dosh. Here are my small little tips and tricks for spending less and living big.  

Make your own coffee; sorry but get used to the instant lyfe. I know I know, if you had told me before moving to London that Nescafe instant blend would be my fave coffee I would have told you to P off. But when you are drinking this said coffee at 5.30am on the way to your first classes or clients you don’t really care what it tastes like as long as it wakes you up and makes you feel badass. About 18 months ago I swapped my morning Costa coffee enroute to work for an instant in my KeepCup (and also saved the planet in the meantime) So that is let’s say 5 days a week, 2x a day of purchased Costa and Starbucks coffees at £2.90 a pop, so £5.80 per day. £29 a week. £1508 a year. Therefore I have saved £2262 in coffee in the last 18 months. That’s a lot of travel adventures.

Make your own lunch box and snacks; the amount of money I can spend at Pret, Gail’s or on snacks is ridiculous. Meal prepping does take time sure, but it can save so much money in the long run. I always keep it simple with tuna and rice, or eggs and spinach or left overs from dinner. Even grabbing some cold chicken from the supermarket and a bag of salad is cheaper than spending £7.50 on a pret salad or £10+ at Gails.

Walk or ride to work; especially in London public transport can be really expensive and so can ubers… guilty. When I am trying to save money and I don’t have an unlimited Oyster card, I leave it at home on purpose so I have to walk everywhere. Plus don’t underestimate the health benefits of a 30 minute walk each day. Get those steps up and those Oyster taps down. If you live in Australia and usually drive to work, park further away and walk so you don’t need to pay for parking or ride to work so better yet you save petrol and parking costs.

Have a month or two off alcohol; this is probably one of the main reasons I can save more money than the average person living in London. Drinking is expensive. And I am not just talking about a few drinks after work, sure they add up and so does the drunken Uber home, but even going out for dinner with friends. For example – 4 of us went for dinner last week and split the bill minus the alcohol. It was £25 a head for me and £49 for the others because they shared a bottle of wine and had a cocktail. So double the price. I challenge yourself to one month off the alcohol (water is free peeps) and see if it makes a difference. If not cest la vie it’s your life.

Go all natural in the hair and make up department; this is another fabulous money saver. I haven’t been the to hair dressers since June 2014. I have heard going to the hairdressers can cost up to £200 in London and probs like 2-3 times a year. I’ll save the £600 any day. I really love my natural colour and my goodness my hair is so much healthier for it. As for make up, save that for the weekend, Nars bronzer and good quality foundations can be super expensive. I mean how else did Kylie Jenner make an empire worth 900 million dollars on her makeup brand.

I know, I know it all sounds a little bit dull and grim. Drink instant coffee, pack your own tuna cans for lunch, don’t wear make up or dye your hair, walk to work and don’t drink alcohol. BUT if travelling the world is a priority to you then maybe you can make one change to save money and see the world.

Good luck !


Here is me – Make-up free with instant coffee living my best life!




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