Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has got to be one of my favourite cities. Known for its amazing architecture and insane Nordic food culture, it clearly won my heart. So here is my 48 hours in Copenhagen guide. Get to it…

We stayed at First Hotel Twenty Seven which was a great location for being close to everything. Highly recommend. We also had a buffet breakfast to start both days at the hotel which made the very fine dining and drinking more affordable throughout the day.


Copenhagen Street Food Market on Paper Island; Taco and hot dog stands seem to be the most popular but you will find anything from a juice, to a cheese cake to a falafal hut. Go hungry and walk around tasting all the goods.


KOD; meaning Meat in Danish and was exactly that. The best steak I have ever had. 500gms of rare Danish steak to share with 3 sauces and 3 sides each. Topped off with some red wine, an aperol spritz and a dessert plate. Taxi home anyone…


Cafe Livingstone; Brunch worthy of an instagram post. Get your best flat lay shot ready. This place is just divine. We loved everything from selecting the meals, to sharing the little plates and the great coffee. On Sundays they also have a ‘lake and cake’ special which means if you walk around the neighbouring lake and get your sheet ticked off – you get a free cake. How cute!


Atelier September; the perfect stop on the way to the Nyhavn or the palace. We didn’t get here but from what I hear – they do the best dark danish rye and smashed avo in the city.

Democratic Coffee; A coffee, croissant and book cafe. What more can you want in life. This place smelt of coffee and croissant heaven with an awesome display of coffee table books. They are closed Sundays – go figure – so pop in on a Saturday.

Wulff and Konstali; brunch porn once again. We stopped into their ‘takeaway’ location rather than the brunch cafe but nonetheless we had a divine cinnamon bun topped with white chocolate and dried berries. My first and certainly not last cinnamon bun experience.

GROD; stop drop and roll all porridge queens because this place is ON FIRE! Choice from 3 different types of porridge which has been slowly simmering for hours and top it with which ever 12 toppings you want. Can’t decide? Have all 12. It is an option. Located inside the 2nd of the Torvehallern markets.


Torvehallern Markets; split into 2 markets. 1 is for fresh produce meat and fish, and the 2nd is all about the treats, eats, coffee, pastry, chocolate and other local goodness. I am not even going to suggest where because the whole place is awesome and I will leave the exploring up to you.


Coffee Collective; for the best coffee in Copenhagen so they say. If you are in the Torvehallern Market grab a brew.

Laura’s Bakery; hello Cinnamon Roll. Once  you have your coffee from above turn around and put your healthy standards to the side and enjoy every bite of one of these famous local cinnamon buns. You deserve it.


Kaffe; Just around the corner from Mad and Kaffe in the ‘meat packing’ district, with an eighth of the line. Super cute chill out coffee shop if you feel like putting your feet up and having amazing hipster coffee.

Mad and Kaffe; Brunch if you are willing to line up at 60 minutes in the cold for a table. But seriously – take a look at those pics below. IT LOOKS WORTH IT!! Aim to get there at 9am before they open on the weekend. That is your only chance. We missed out but had a booking at Cafe Livingstone instead. Would much prefer not to line up !

Matcha Milk Bar; serving smoothie bowls and lattes and all things matcha. Would highly recommend the cashew milk matcha latte and their avocado based matcha smoothie bowls. Heaven!

HOST; a Nordic dining experience like none other. This place is a total MUST. Make sure you book ahead. We went for lunch and had a 4 course menu with wine to accompany each meal. Little tip; make sure you know what is food and what is garnish because we definitely ate a few ‘branches’ by mistake. The menu is ever changing to adapt to the fresh local produce which is what makes this restaurant amazing. The interior design is also incredible. As an architect who loves food – this place topped it all. Book NOW!


MUST SEE; Other than the obvious foodie places above

Nyhavn; meaning ‘new harbour’ – this is THE iconic Copenhagen canal with all the colourful houses next to each other. Even in the freezing 1 degree weather it was incredible.

Christianshavn; this weird place with a slightly dodgey ‘free love’ vibe and loads of weed and drugs. Hold onto your goods and walk cautiously. It is definitely worth a stroll to soak up the culture just don’t breathe in much – kidding!! The wall art and locals make it interesting.



I could honestly go on and on about this city. I loved it. So much.

BUT this was my 48 hours experience. Go and create your own memories one cinnamon bun at a time!!




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