Controlled, considered movement that leaves lasting results of feeling good

Private Reformer Pilates

Whether your goal is to improve your posture and core strength, transform your appearance, alleviate pain associated with body imbalances or just feel fabulous – reformer Pilates is for you

Returning from 3 years living in London working as a reformer Pilates and Pre and Post Natal Trainer, Katie is now taking on clients in the beautiful south west of WA, at The Movement Fitness and Wellbeing in Dunsborough.

Katie’s dynamic reformer sessions will assist to;
– Improve your strength, flexibility and balance
– Prevent injury or provide relief from pain associated with physical imbalances
– Strengthen your core and improve posture
– Increase your overall wellbeing

The Pilates method is based on the principles of movement. Movements that we are naturally born with but decrease overtime due to age, injury and poor lifestyle habits. Low impact in nature, it’s a highly empowering, uplifting and rewarding method.

Private reformer sessions are perfect for those who seek a specifically tailored approach, whether it be learning fundamental movement patterns, injury rehabilitation or assisting a healthy pregnancy – regardless of age, fitness level and strength, everyone is welcome.

Pre and Post Natal Sessions

For all my soon-to-be or new mums, if you haven’t tried Reformer Pilates – get in contact and let’s give it a go. The controlled movements on the reformer are designed to strengthen the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. It’s low impact, helps to reduce or prevent back and pelvic pain, whilst strengthening and stabilising your body to assist with the pregnancy and delivery.

Following pregnancy reformer Pilates can improve Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation), back pain or body imbalances from carrying and feeding constantly. Plus it is incredibly fun, a little bit challenging and you’ll feel awesome and energised every time you step off the machine.

A little about Katie

Katie turned her passion for health and fitness into her career in 2015 when she moved to London and became a Pilates trainer at one of London’s leading boutique studios. She has returned to WA with an aim to inspire and educate as many people as possible to feel amazing IN their body.

Katie’s love for women’s health, pregnancy and babies lead her to qualify further as a Pre and Post Natal trainer. She loves to be apart of your journey to motherhood and has been known to change nappies or bounce a baby to sleep during her sessions. (All those years nannying paid off)

Pre and Post Natal Fitness Trainer (London UK)
Level 2 Group Fitness instructor (London UK)
Dynamic Reformer Pilates training at Heartcore Pty Ltd (London UK)

Pricing and Packages

*INTRO OFFER* 4 sessions for $180
offer valid for 1 month after purchasing only

1 on 1 Private Reformer Pilates sessions

30 minutes – $40 per session – 10 session pack for $360 (10% discount)

45 minutes – $60 per session – 10 session pack for $540 (10% discount)

SUMMER DEAL 10 SESSIONS for $500 (valid until 1st March 2020)


“Katie transformed my life and kickstarted me on to a path of being fit and healthy. The best trainer I’ve ever had!! First, she took the time to understand my goals and aspirations. She listened to me… (which is rare) and she remembered throughout our time together what I was trying to achieve. For sure she always pushed me, but never tried to break me which I find so often trainers tend to do. I felt amazing after every session… a real sense of accomplishment and simply felt fantastic. The pounds started to shift and I lost over 10lbs quickly. More importantly I got stronger! Katie transformed me into someone who despised fitness into a healthy fit woman and her amazing sense of human and zest for life was addictive. She cares about her clients and has the expertise to help them achieve their goals. I miss her in London so very much but I am grateful for all that she did for me… a miracle worker!!” – Lizzie, LONDON

“I trained with Katie twice a week for several months on the reformer following my second baby and a diagnosis of diastasis recti. Katie was incredibly supportive, encouraging and understood the challenges I faced tailoring exercises to my specific needs. With Katie’s help I made significant progress with my stomach and getting stronger whilst also having lots of fun!” – Sam, LONDON

“I trained with Katie throughout my pregnancy and really enjoyed our sessions. Katie paid close attention to my pregnancy health and made my sessions fun and diverse, making great use of our surroundings as I enjoyed training outdoors. She carefully planned our exercises in advance, not knowing what’s lined up for your next session kept the training interesting. I always felt more energised after a session with her and she was great fun to chat too, always felt like I was training with a friend” – Miruna, LONDON

Contact me

If you want to know more about my private sessions, send me an email or fill out the form below and I will get back to you. If you haven’t tried reformer Pilates – now’s your chance! The intro offer is an amazing opportunity to really get to know the reformer machine, the principles of Pilates and how to move your body in a way that makes you feel incredible.

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If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young” – Joseph Pilates