green bowl


There is no surprise that I LOVE to cook. I am not one to follow a recipe (never have been and mum can confirm that… epic kitchen cake fails as a child) and I love to explore different flavours and foods. Here are some of my favourite go to recipes that I have adapted as part of my healthy wholesome lifestyle. Most recipes will be gluten free, clean and sugar free. Hope you enjoy making and baking your way through the kitchen! When it comes to food and health I follow some very simple rules

1. Darker the better; vegetables, breads, grains – you name it. The darker the leafy green or the darker the rye bread the better it is for you. Make some healthy swaps from white rice to brown rice today .

2. Eat WHOLE foods; I always go for full fat foods that have been the least processed if any at all. Eat the whole egg, don’t peel your veggies (except bananas), and always steer clear of added sugars and nasties. If you cant pronounce it – just don’t eat it.

3. Eat slow, treat yourself and enjoy your food; life is meant to be enjoyed not restricted and depressing. Eat everything in moderation even the good stuff. If you are insanely addicted and over eating a certain ingredient – chances are it is doing you harm. except for peanut butter… anyone who tell you to stop eating peanut butter you should ignore – no one needs that negativity in their life haha!!!!


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